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Connor McDavid Takes Shot at John Tortorella “Shut Up” Comments

Connor McDavid took a shot at John Tortorella’s “shut up” analysis when asked about not getting penalty calls by NHL officials.

When asked by the media ahead of Thursday’s game against the Winnipeg Jets if he feels he’s not getting the calls from NHL officials when players should be getting penalties against him, Connor McDavid said simply, “I just gotta shut up about it.”

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Of course, his response is a total slam dunk on former head coach John Tortorella who said last week that McDavid should quit complaining about not getting calls, “shut up” and play, and change his game so that the Edmonton Oilers can win when it matters in the playoffs and penalty calls are rarely made.

The debate over non-calls has hit a new high in Edmonton of late as fans around the league fall on both sides. Some suggest Tortorella is right and that McDavid shouldn’t complain even though it’s clear the officials aren’t making the calls they should be. Others are saying McDavid should complain a lot more because he’s not asking for special treatment, he’s only asking that those defending against him stop getting special treatment by being allowed to repeatedly get away with holding, interfering, hooking, and tripping him. Those who follow the Oilers and McDavid closely believe it’s a travesty and an embarrassment for the NHL. Those that don’t watch his games believe he’s just another star asking to be treated differently.

Is McDavid Really Actually Whining?

There was a play in Tuesday’s game versus the Jets where McDavid was clearly frustrated. He shouldered Neal Pionk and got a two-minute penalty for it. He argued against the call that went against him, and as much as Pionk embellished the play, it was a penalty.

But, McDavid is hardly a complainer.

Some fans suggest McDavid whines about the calls not going his way. The reality is, he rarely speaks up at all, with the exception of when the actual infraction takes place and he gives the officials a look or makes a quick comment then goes on about his business. It’s the media that want to know what he thinks about an obvious issue in the game and McDavid rarely obliges with a response. Thursday’s comments were rare.

McDavid’s comments might also have been a subtle shot at anyone who buys into Tortorella’s narrative that McDavid is a complainer. McDavid’s simple but witty response is an incredibly tongue-in-cheek way of making fun of the entire debate because it’s really not much of a debate at all. If there’s anyone keenly aware of how often the officials are missing calls against him it’s McDavid. And, if he wanted to speak about it, he’d have plenty of ammunition after every game. But, as McDavid joked, he’s not “supposed” to talk about it because, after all, that would only make him a whiny baby.

Connor McDavid Oilers 1
Connor McDavid Oilers 1

McDavid will get another shot at keeping up his point streak on Thursday as the Oilers try to rebound from a loss Tuesday night. The captain has kept his point streak alive and produced in every game this season. He’s getting the job done offensively, but the Oilers are a bit worried their play is starting to slip.

Whether he gets any calls in that game or not, expect McDavid to come out with a purpose.

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  1. John

    November 18, 2021 at 11:59 am

    McDavid has to stop looking to clear the defensive zone so quick, guy only cares about goals.

    Not sure anyone remembers 2005, but 15 penalties a game and no hitting was about as boring hockey as you could get

    • NHL Trade Talk

      November 18, 2021 at 1:29 pm

      Players have to learn how to play against him and not take penalties. The only way to do that is call them on it until they stop. Otherwise you get a league where missed calls happen constantly. The latter is so much worse

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