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Connor Bedard Miffed at Media for Pressing About Perry Rumor

Connor Bedard was miffed at the Winnipeg media for pressing him on questions about Corey Perry, calling rumors “a bunch of BS”.

Connor Bedard, the young hockey prodigy and talented NHL rookie, remained poised, but was clearly miffed with Winnipeg media on Friday. Pressed on a line of questioning about the Corey Perry situation, Bedard, who has been linked by association to a false rumor that made the rounds this past week. He was asked about how he’s handling it. Obviously knowing it was an awkward situation that no one would enjoy, Bedard remained professional while trying to get reporters to stop asking.

The media persistently questioned him about unfounded rumors surrounding the Corey Perry situation and his termination from the team. During the media interaction, Bedard firmly stated, “It’s just a bunch of BS on the internet. It’s of course been an affect on myself and my family, and that’s not fair. But it’s out of our control. It’s all just fake, made-up stuff.” He added, “I don’t need to answer anymore questions about this stuff. It’s all just a bunch of BS on the internet.”

The Winnipeg media’s inquiry into the impact of the Perry “rumors” on Bedard raised concerns about the appropriateness of the timing. The narrative, clearly false, was “wildly inaccurate” and “frankly, disgusting.” said GM Kyle Davidson. While there’s clearly a story there, reporters could have waited, if ask at all.

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Despite the challenging circumstances, the 18-year-old remained remarkably poised in his response, addressing the situation with maturity. Bedard acknowledged the undeserved effect on himself and his family, emphasizing that the rumors circulating online were baseless and fabricated. He knows the truth and that some idiot started something without any regard for fact-finding before spreading a lie. Still, it can play a toll when the lie picks up steam and so many people are sharing it.

Connor Bedard media rumor

Bedard Annoyed, But Continues To Handle the Spotlight Well

Living under constant scrutiny at such a young age, Bedard showcased resilience and composure, handling the stress with grace. The media’s persistence in questioning him, especially in the aftermath of Perry’s termination, drew frustration from the rookie. Bedard’s annoyance is understandable.

When announcing Perry’s termination, Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson clarified no other players or their families were involved in the situation. Perry himself said the same in a statement released on Thursday. Perry apologized that anyone caught up in something so outlandish and Bedard would probably just like people to drop it.

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