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Insider Says Connor Bedard a Magnet for NHL Stars to Blackhawks

There is no doubt in the coming years that Connor Bedard will be a magnet for star players to Chicago. When does that start happening?

In a recent episode of the OverDrive show, Chris Johnston of TSN offered an interesting prediction about Connor Bedard’s Calder Trophy prospects and the potential for his burgeoning star power to reshape the Chicago Blackhawks’ future. Johnston believes, in his view, there is no scenario where anyone else wins the Calder Trophy this season, underlining Bedard’s exceptional impact.

The discussion then shifted to the prospect of NHL players actively seeking to join the Blackhawks to play alongside Bedard. Despite Chicago’s current struggles, Johnston emphasized the significance of surrounding Bedard with talent, acknowledging him as the standout reason to watch Blackhawks games. The narrative extends beyond the current and upcoming seasons, raising questions about how quickly Chicago can transform into a competitive team.

Bedard Will Be a Magnet for Better Players to the Blackhawks

The show drew parallels with the NBA, envisioning a scenario where established players might want to play with the young phenom. Johnston agreed and noted that it may be specifically players around 27 years old who might be enticed to join the Blackhawks on shorter-term contracts. The appeal lies in the opportunity to play in the team’s top six alongside a rising star like Bedard.

Connor Bedard Blackhawk goal celebration
Connor Bedard Blackhawk goal celebration

While acknowledging the potential complexities of managing Bedard’s future contract, Johnston suggests that Chicago will strive to expedite their rebuild. While he wasn’t sure if that transition would take place while Bedard is on his entry-level deal, that would be the ideal situation. Once he gets his big payday, adding higher-priced contracts becomes a bit more difficult.

If the team can experience marginal improvement with other stars on the roster, the Blackhawks may aspire to create a compelling team around Bedard sooner than later. It shouldn’t be hard to potentially attract seasoned players seeking to be part of a swift resurgence. If these players know they have a chance to boost their numbers alongside a blossoming star, why wouldn’t Chicago be an option?

As the Blackhawks navigate the challenges ahead, the allure of Bedard’s influence becomes a compelling storyline, marking a potential turning point for the Blackhawks’ trajectory.

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