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Coach Tortorella Refused to Leave Game, Flyers Governor Has Great Reaction

The Philadelphia Flyers are backing head coach John Tortorella after refusing to leave a game he was ejected from. The NHL might levy a fine.

Philadelphia Flyers head coach John Tortorella wouldn’t leave after getting tossed by an official on Saturday. Torts was ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct and instead of going to the back, refused to leave the game, yelling obscenities at the official before finally walking off. It was a moment that went viral, but the NHL might be taking action.

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman tweeted, “We’ve all been laughing about this tonight…we’ll see how things evolve tomorrow, but the NHL still has to weigh in. I don’t think it found the refusal to leave the bench as humorous as social media did.”

The Governor of the Flyers and Comcast Spectacor Chairman/CEO Dan Hilferty said he will pay any fine the NHL tries to send John Tortorella’s way after his ejection last night. Hilferty noted, “I’m really proud of Torts for standing up for his/our team. This New Era of Orange is about having each other’s backs.” He added, “Last night, Torts had our collective backs…I respect any action the league might feel is need to take but if it includes a fine, I am paying it.”

Flyers Sticking Together on This

The Flyers are prepared to go all the way with this, disagreeing with the official’s decision to toss their coach. Tortorella was upset about something, including being ejected and he must have explained his reasoning to the point where ownership will cover whatever the league decides to throw their way.

John Tortorella Flyers bench

It was quite funny to see all of the Tampa Bay Lightning alumn in the building laughing at the situation. They knew exactly the kind of coach Torts was, many having played for him when he was the bench boss in Tampa. For Torts, this is just another day at the office.

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