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Capitals Trade Joel Edmundson to Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs have traded for Joel Edmundson of the Washington Capitals, sending two draft picks in exchange.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have made their first big move of trade deadline week. They have acquired defenseman Joel Edmundson from the Washington Capitals in a deal to add depth to their blue line. The confirmation came with details of the trade, revealing that the return for Edmundson includes the New York Islanders’ 3rd-round pick in the 2024 Draft and the Chicago Blackhawks’ 5th-round pick in the 2025 Draft.

A notable aspect of this deal is the Capitals retaining 50% of Joel Edmundson’s salary, making it a low-cost addition for the Maple Leafs on the blue line. Known for his physicality and experience as a depth defenseman, Edmundson brings a big body, a tenacious willingness to battle, and a reputation for playing a rugged style. Edmundson can play both sides as well, which is a big plus.

It might not be all the Maple Leafs do before Friday, but with so many blue-line injuries, they needed something. Some wondered if David Savard was on the Leafs’ radar, but he might have cost too much. The next 24 hours will determine if Toronto is done.

Is Edmundson the Right Fit in Toronto?

According to Eric Engels of Sportsnet, the Leafs’ management had previously discouraged scouts from mentioning Joel Edmundson’s name a few years ago due to a perceived mismatch with the team’s style. However, times have changed, and the Leafs have now made a strategic move to incorporate Edmundson into their roster. This is no longer Dubas’ Maple Leafs. GM Brad Treliving likes toughness and a certain level of physicality. Engels quoted an executive praising Edmundson’s crosscheck, deeming it valuable enough to warrant a draft pick on its own.

Joel Edmundson Toronto Maple Leafs

The Capitals acquired Edmundson from the Montreal Canadiens. He had one year left on his contract worth $3.5 million. In return, the Canadiens received a 2024 3rd-round pick from the Minnesota Wild and a 2024 7th-round pick from the Capitals. The Canadiens also retained 50% of Edmundson’s contract in this transaction, showcasing a series of calculated moves during the offseason trading period. The trade today isn’t all that different. Toronto paid slightly more.

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