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Canucks’ Owner Issues Statement on Benning and Green Firing Rumors

It sounds like the head coach and GM in Vancouver have the backing of the team owner. Should the speculation stop that either will be fired?

The owner of the Vancouver Canucks says that Jim Benning’s job as the team’s general manager and Travis Green’s position as head coach of the hockey club are secure. Neither will be going anywhere, he’s confident in both men and he noted that this team just needs a little more time.

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Francesco Aquilini (owner of the Canucks) took to social media on Saturday and published a public statement over a series of tweets suggesting that he’s fully backing both his GM and his head coach. While the words may not satisfy everyone’s appetite to speculate there will be changes, the comments seem to squash speculation either could be released in the coming weeks.

The full statement from Aquilini is below:

This has been a unique year for everyone. Roster changes, very little training camp, no pre-season, and just a few practice days. It takes time for new players to fit in and a new group chemistry to take hold, both on and off the ice. 

Of course I’m disappointed by our poor start, but the last thing we’re going to do is panic. We’ve been better in recent games and I believe we’ll continue to improve.

Our fans are passionate and knowledgeable. They have every right to express themselves. But when the media starts pouring gas on the fire, dealing in rumours and misinformation as if it’s fact, it’s time for me to speak up.

Contrary to what you may have read or heard, we’re sticking to the path we’re on: building on our core of young talent. Progression is not always a straight line. There is no easy fix, only patience, commitment, and hard work.

Like Boeser, Pettersson, and Hughes, Hoglander was an excellent pick. It looks like he’ll be a great part of our future. Our hockey group believes Podkolzin will step right into the lineup as well.

I have full confidence in Jim, Travis, and this group. I have no plans to make changes.  #WeAreAllCanucks

Franceso Aquilini Vancouver Canucks owner

Nice Sentiment, But Is This The Right Group?

Despite the words of confidence from the owner, there will still be questions in Vancouver unless this team goes on a massive winning streak. Many will argue that Benning has failed to build around the promising young core of Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat and others. There’s are also concerns that he’s not the right GM to lead the Canucks into the future.

Will the Canucks look for a cap savvy GM in the offseason if this team doesn’t make the postseason? And, will this team ever get over the loss of Tylyer Toffoli, who is now at 10-5-15 with 15 GP?

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