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Canadiens Might Be “Saving Up for Something Big” Says Insider

Pierre LeBrun noted in a recent report that the Montreal Canadiens plan to save cap space could be a sign they have something big on the go.

As per a report by Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic, the Montreal Canadiens have been notably cautious with their cap space over the past year, and their actions suggest they are preparing for significant financial moves in the future. While it’s unclear if they are saving up for a major acquisition or simply being prudent with young talent, their focus on preserving cap space is evident, especially starting from the upcoming summer.

LeBrun writes that the Canadiens protecting cap space, “makes you wonder if they’re saving up for something big.” He did note that it could be just about taking a cautious approach to their younger players, but General Manager Kent Hughes acknowledged the team’s approach, emphasizing their commitment to reducing financial commitments for players who may not be part of their future plans. This strategy allows them to maintain flexibility and possibly take a bigger swing when they identify someone who can be part of their long-term plans.

Kent Hughes GM Montreal Canadiens

Hughes clarified that they are not specifically hoarding a “treasure chest” of cap space for a future spending spree but rather evaluating their financial situation on an annual basis. While they are willing to spend money to improve the team temporarily, they aim to avoid hindering the development of key players who will contribute to the Canadiens’ long-term competitiveness. What they do save by not spending now will be used when the right opportunity presents itself.

He noted, “So if we’re spending money to improve our team for a year or two but we’re depriving or limiting the development of the players that we know have to be part of it when we’re ready to be that team we strive to be, then I think we’re short-sighted.” He added, “I think there’s always a possibility to do things. I don’t know what that looks like, and I don’t know ultimately if that ever happens, but I certainly wouldn’t describe it as an impossibility.”

One Big Move Could Be Coming With Carey Price

After successfully moving Shea Weber’s contract, among the things Hughes might be looking at is the offloading of Carey Price’s contract, which has three more years remaining at a $10.5 million average annual value. That poses a significant challenge, even with insurance coverage.

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