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Jake DeBrusk Going Kraken an “Enticing” Deal for Boston

There are a number of teams connected to the Jake DeBrusk trade talks, but Seattle might be among the better fits. Here’s why.

According to Eric Duhatschek of The Athletic, the Seattle Kraken would make a lot of sense for the Boston Bruins as a potential trade destination for forward Jake DeBrusk. Suggesting the Bruins look at a one-for-one trade where each team gets a player that needs to hit the refresh button, the suggestion is that Boston trade DeBrusk to Seattle in exchange for Mason Appleton.

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Duhatschek writes that teams are often afraid to do these trades because there’s always the potential that one player pans out while the other doesn’t, but in this case, the Bruins have less to lose because the deal would still be enticing from a salary cap perspective. Noting it’s not just that Appleton has potential but hasn’t found his groove in Seattle, the Bruins would be open to a trade like this from a financial standpoint. He writes:

Part of what would make that deal so enticing for Boston is the saving on the salary cap. Appleton, 25, is at $900,000 in the final year of a contract and then becomes a restricted free agent. DeBrusk, also 25, earns $3.675 million.

Seattle Kraken Jake DeBrusk NHL
Seattle Kraken Jake DeBrusk NHL

He also adds that this type of trade solves another potential problem for the Bruins, which is coming up with the money to pay goaltender Tuukka Rask.

DeBrusk Doesn’t Fit as Well on Other Teams

Duhatschek likes the idea of this trade for Seattle too as it brings in a player who could get elevated minutes on a team that could use a player of his skill set. Whereas that’s not entirely the case with some other teams DeBrusk has been connected to in rumors.

For example, he writes, “Even though there’d be some symmetry in DeBrusk landing in Edmonton, that doesn’t seem like a natural fit.” Noting the team doesn’t need another left-winger, but could use a right-winger and a third-line center, the Oilers would be better served to look at someone like Phil Kessel or Nick Bonino.

He also notes the Calgary Flames were linked to DeBrusk, but the team is playing unexpectedly well and there would be some risk attached to tampering with the chemistry.

He also doesn’t see the fit in St. Louis.

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