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Brandon Sutter Announces NHL Retirement After Oilers PTO Release

Veteran Brandon Sutter retires from NHL after Oilers release him from PTO, citing health concerns and family priorities.

In a heartfelt announcement, NHL veteran Brandon Sutter has bid farewell to professional hockey after his release from the Edmonton Oilers’ Professional Tryout (PTO). Sutter, known for his dedication and skill, expressed gratitude for the opportunity provided by the Oilers’ organization. In his statement, he emphasized the crucial role health plays in competing at the NHL level. Despite his improving health, Sutter made the difficult decision to retire, prioritizing his well-being and family.

He played in back-to-back Oilers games in what was probably one last test of his stamina. The Oilers likely realized the grind of an 82-game season and playoffs would be too much.

Sutter’s retirement marks the conclusion of an illustrious 13-season NHL career, during which he played a total of 770 games. The 33-year-old forward had been part of the Oilers’ training camp on a PTO, demonstrating his determination to continue playing at the highest level. However, realizing the importance of being in peak physical condition, he chose to step away from the game. He noted, “I’m grateful for the opportunity that Ken, Jay and the Oilers organization have provided to me the past few weeks. You need to be 100 percent healthy to compete in the NHL, and although my health continues to improve, in consideration of my health and family, I am officially retiring from hockey.”

Brandon Sutter Edmonton Oilers camp
Brandon Sutter Edmonton Oilers camp

His last appearance in the pre-season game against the Canucks on Saturday night was a poignant moment, marking the end of an era for the seasoned player. Sutter expressed his gratitude not only to the Oilers but also to the Vancouver Canucks, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Carolina Hurricanes, along with all his coaches, trainers, and teammates who contributed to his remarkable journey in the NHL.

Sutter Had a Solid Run in the NHL

Throughout his career, Sutter earned respect not only for his on-ice prowess but also for his professionalism and sportsmanship. His departure from professional hockey has left fans reflecting on his contributions to the sport, especially during his time in Vancouver, where he was widely admired for his skills and his interactions with fans and media.

As the hockey community acknowledges the end of Sutter’s playing days, his legacy as a class act and a talented player will be remembered.

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