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Bracco For Georgiev: Don’t Hold Your Breath Maple Leafs Fans

Many Maple Leafs fans believe the team has their eyes set on one of the New York Rangers three netminders, specifically Alexander Georgiev.

There’s plenty of speculation the Toronto Maple Leafs want to add a backup goaltender. Many believe the team has their eyes set on one of the New York Rangers three netminders, specifically Alexandar Georgiev.

With his name possibly on the trade block, Maple Leafs fans have been throwing forth trade scenarios, most of which include Jeremy Bracco who has recently told the Leafs he’d like an opportunity elsewhere if he’s not going to get a call-up anytime soon.

With his wanting out and the Rangers having a three-headed monster in goal situation in New York, many fans have assumed or suggested a one-for-one swap would work for both teams. Unfortunately for Maple Leafs fans, Sportsnet insider Elliotte Friedman commented it’s going to take a lot more than that to get it done.

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How Good Is Georgiev?

How good Georgiev is might not be the important question. How good he’s going to be is the questions Maple Leafs fans should be asking. Because, if everyone (and certainly the Rangers) believe he’s got promising starter potential, the ask will be more than a forward prospect who’s yet to prove anything at the NHL level.

Friedman notes that the Rangers will want a talented forward who can slot into the lineup immediately. And, if Toronto can’t offer that (they can), they’ll need to sweeten the pot on Bracco to convince the Rangers it’s a good deal.

The Rangers understand they have a potentially very good goalie on their hands in Georgiev. They also understand the market for his services might include more than just the Maple Leafs. Supply and demand, along with future potential are what the Leafs have to worry about.

So too, the Rangers are in no rush. Larry Brooks reports, “Georgiev is 3-1 with a .957 save pct and 1.21 GAA against Islanders last two years. That is why he is playing tomorrow night. Nothing to do with showcasing him for trade.”

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