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Blues’ Pavel Buchnevich Attracting Attention in Trade Deadline Talks

The St. Louis Blues aren’t looking to trade Pavel Buchnevich, but they are getting calls about the player ahead of the trade deadline.

As the 2024 NHL trade deadline on March 8 approaches, Pavel Buchnevich‘s name has gained traction in trade speculation, climbing to the seventh spot on The Athletic’s latest NHL trade board. Previously sitting in the twentieth spot earlier this month, Jeremy Rutherford took a closer look at why Buchnevich is attracting attention. He wasn’t the only one as NHL insider Elliotte Friedman highlighted the interest in the forward, describing him as a highly talented player for whom inquiries have been made.

However, the response seems to echo a warning about the potential high asking price, with Doug Armstrong, the Blues’ general manager, known for keeping negotiations close to the vest. The price reportedly starts at a first-round pick and goes up from there.

Rutherford sheds light on the situation, stating that the Blues are not actively shopping Buchnevich. That said, they are attentively listening to offers. The current trade market lacks many true difference-makers, making the Blues cautious about parting with a valuable asset like Buchnevich unless they receive an offer that truly impresses them. He writes, “The source said the club would have to be wowed by an offer to even consider it.”

Moving Buchnevich Hurts the Blues’ Chances of Being Competitive

The Blues’ management, led by Armstrong and chairman Tom Stillman, has a clear objective to keep the team competitive during their retooling phase. Understanding the reluctance of fans to endure a lengthy rebuild and the financial challenges it might pose to ownership, the Blues aim to remain relevant in the league. Trading Buchnevich without getting a few key assets back would run counter to that objective.

Pavel Buchnevich Blues trade rumors

Moreover, trading Buchnevich before the deadline would send a signal about the team’s priorities, indicating a potential shift from a playoff focus to building for the future. The challenge lies in maintaining competitiveness without a player of Buchnevich’s caliber, who is both valuable and challenging to replace.

The Blues are not looking to move Buchnevich. But, because teams are aware of the uncertain position the Blues might find themselves in, clubs are asking. The coming weeks will likely be crucial in determining whether the Blues make a move or stand firm and take him off the table. As for who is asking about the player, that much isn’t clear.

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