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Are the Blues Looking to Blow Up Team After 3-6-0 Start?

The St. Louis Blues have gotten off to a bad start. Are they looking at blowing up the team and making major trades?

Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman discussed the situation in St. Louis where the Blues are off to a very poor 3-6-0 start this season. During their recent episode of 32 Thoughts: The Podcast, they discussed what comes next and Marek asked Friedman if he thought the Blues might blow things up and make some big trades to shake up the roster.

Marek said: “I don’t know how much more we can talk about St. Louis, other than to say maybe is there a trade coming here?” Admitting that it’s early in the season and maybe too soon to make sweeping changes, he added, “Like if there is one team you look at and say, ‘I know it’s early, but because they’ve been bit by the injury bug too.’ You mentioned it feels like something is off with St. Louis. Can you kind of feel a trade coming with them or something?”

St. Louis Blues Doug Armstrong

Friedman said the Blues could blow it up but he’s not comfortable predicting they will be based on how Armstrong has operated in the past. He told a story about how the Blues almost shook up the entire team in 2019 — the year they won the Stanley Cup — but Armstrong held off and it paid off. This might be another situation where the feeling changes are needed, but the team remains patient.

Friedman told a story about that 2019 season and said Armstrong sent out a note around Christmas to all the GMs saying he was having a Christmas sale and named names on his roster who he would move at a discount. Marek responded, “Oh no,” and Friedman said, that’s why he hasn’t personally seen the letter because names were on it. He ultimately decided not to make moves but the note became legendary.

The point of the story is that Armstrong isn’t afraid to make moves and he’ll do what he needs to in order to make the team better. He’s not shy about letting other GMs know what he’s thinking, but also not shy about going back and waiting.

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