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Are Blackhawks Targeting Canucks About a First-Round Draft Trade?

Could the Chicago Blackhawks see the Vancouver Canucks as a target to move up in the first-round of the NHL Entry Draft?

The Chicago Blackhawks are in no way looking to trade the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s NHL Entry Draft, however, they might be looking to make a deal that includes other picks from the first round. The first overall selection gives them the chance to add a potentially generational star in Connor Bedard to their roster, but there are also other potentially game-changing players available in a deep draft where picking in the top 10 or 15 has a big impact on their roster.

The Blackhawks have another pick at No. 19, acquired by the Tampa Bay Lightning. They might be open to moving that pick if they can move up in the draft.

The Chicago Blackhawks have hired Kyle Davidson as the team’s newest general manager.

Specifically, The Athletic’s Scott Powers took a look at draft plans and wondered if they might do anything something else with the Vancouver Canucks. He writes:

The Blackhawks aren’t optimistic about their chances to move up from their second first-round pick at No. 19. Even if the Blackhawks package the No. 19 pick and a second-rounder or two, that probably isn’t enough for a team to budge from a top-15 selection. The Vancouver Canucks might be the only team that could make sense.

He adds that the Canucks might be open to making a move if it means shedding an overpriced contract. He notes, “If the Blackhawks took on one of those contracts and packaged a first- and second-round pick, maybe that would entice the Canucks to trade the No. 11 pick.” With the No. 11 pick, the Blackhawks could potentially add another future top-level player.

The Blackhawks Are Still Rebuilding Despite Winning the Lottery

He adds that the Blackhawks are ready to listen to any team that wants to offload a contract this offseason. While they get the best player in the draft, they know they are still a ways away from competing and will act like a rebuilding club for the next couple of seasons. He adds, “The Blackhawks know eventually they’re going to have to worry about their cap space again, but that’s at least a few years away. There’s even a possibility of the Blackhawks acquiring a player and then buying him out. They have that sort of flexibility for now.”


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