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Blackhawks Should Eye Nylander During Bedard’s Entry-Level Run

As the Chicago Blackhawks rebuild with Connor Bedard, are they in a window where a player like William Nylander would make sense?

As the Chicago Blackhawks navigate a pivotal phase with a superstar prospect like Connor Bedard, the possibility of adding a player like William Nylander to their roster should spark some intriguing conversation. With Auston Matthews’ contract settled in Toronto, the focus shifts to Nylander, who, while hoping to remain a Maple Leaf, isn’t rushing to commit.

While Nylander expresses his desire to continue with the Maple Leafs, the potential for a trade or free-agent signing has piqued interest from multiple teams, and as rumors swirl, it would be wise for the Blackhawks to be among those teams kicking tires. Chicago Hockey Now contemplates the impact of a Nylander and Bedard top-line partnership, envisioning a dynamic offensive force reminiscent of Patrick Kane’s prime.

Should the Leafs not get Nylander signed and the season comes to a close, a probable outcome involves the team considering a trade before July 1, potentially engaging in bids for exclusive negotiation rights from other interested teams. This is where Chicago comes in. The Blackhawks would have the cap space, the slot to fill, and the possible desire to super-charge their rebuild with a dynamic player like Nylander.

Connor Bedard William Nylander Blackhawks

The timeline’s significance is emphasized; Nylander alongside Bedard could drive Chicago’s production to new heights. Factors like Oliver Moore’s and Frank Nazar’s performances earning entry-level deals, along with Lukas Reichel’s contribution, could hasten the team’s rebuild, especially if complemented by Nylander’s talents.

Crucially, the Blackhawks possess the assets necessary for a Nylander acquisition, with a deep prospect pool and ample cap space. Their potential to offer Toronto emerging players to fill gaps at reasonable prices, coupled with extra draft picks, positions them as competitive trade partners.

How Far Away Are the Blackhawks From Being Competitive?

The overarching question centers on Chicago’s turnaround timeline. The impact of Bedard’s NHL debut season, potentially as a 60 or even 80-point player, will shape the team’s direction. If the young star’s performance accelerates their timeline, Nylander’s addition could play a pivotal role in capitalizing on entry-level contract years and fostering a winning team.

From there, it’s all about what Nylander wants. If he’s open to joining a rising group like the Blackhawks, he could be open to this. If he wants to play with an immediate contender, he may not.

If the Blackhawks’ are looking to make a calculated splash, there isn’t one bigger than Nylander, who underscores the delicate balance between nurturing emerging talents and seizing opportunities to fortify the roster.

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    August 25, 2023 at 5:22 pm

    Lol they are both Right Wingers

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