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Blackhawks’ Interest in Dubois Could Derail Rebuild Before it Starts

If it’s true that the Chicago Blackhawks are one of the teams interested in Pierre-Luc Dubois, could it hurt their rebuild?

The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun has labeled the Chicago Blackhawks as one of the potential seven teams that could be interested in disgruntled Columbus Blue Jackets center Pierre-Luc Dubois. As the Blackhawks look to reshape their team over the next few seasons, he’s the type of player that could be a great fit. There’s only one catch.

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The Blackhawks need good young pieces to build around. And, while Dubois would certainly qualify, LeBrun also suggests it would likely take another good young piece to make a deal work. He explains:

“He’s [Dubois] the kind of young, core piece that would fit the vision of what’s going on now in Chicago so I would expect the Blackhawks to at least inquire. But if I’m the Jackets, the conversation must start with Kirby Dach and that might be tough for Chicago to contemplate given his place in the Hawks’ rebuilding plans. Still, Kekalainen and Hawks GM Stan Bowman have made a few big trades before.”

The question then becomes, if Dach is the piece going back, is this a non-starter for the Blackhawks?

It would be one thing if the team could move a player like Brent Seabrook. But, there’s no way the Blue Jackets want the aging defenseman to be part of a deal like this, if they had any interest at all, which they probably don’t. It might be hard to even wrap your head around a deal that included someone like Jonathan Toews. While it’s unclear what’s next for him considering recent news of a health concern, there’s a lot to love about Toews and moving him out solves some of the Blackhawks’ salary concerns. The Blue Jackets could certainly do worse.

But, to move Dach? A piece the Blackhawks believe could usher them into a new era? That’s seems like robbing Peter to pay Paul, doesn’t it?

Kirby Dach Chicago Blackhawks NHL

Is Dach Untouchable?

Kirby Dach hasn’t proven anything in the NHL yet. He’s got a ton of potential and with 23 points in a 64-game rookie season, there’s reason to believe he’s got the goods. The Hawks just don’t know that yet. He’s a 19-year old center and he could be a star. These aren’t the types of players NHL clubs typically move or give up on early without major regret.

At the same time, Dubois is no joke. With three consecutively strong seasons, he’s shown he’s got the goods and he’s a top line center in Chicago where the team would like to have one and there’s going to be a itch to rebuild quickly instead of slowly.

It’s a tough question to answer. Would you have the conversation if you’re Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman?

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