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7 Trades to Expect In The NHL As 2020 Begins

Here are seven NHL players we believe will be prime targets as 2020 gets underway and team are calling each other to make trades.

As the NHL launches into a new decade, there are more than a few players to watch as the trade talk picks up and the February NHL Trade Deadline gets closer. Sure, there is plenty of time before trades “have” to be made, but with one of the biggest names already coming off the board, NHL franchises are looking at their options with regularity.

Taylor Hall got the proceedings going and there are a handful of other names to consider. Most will be on expiring contracts and as such, rentals for their new NHL teams. That said, every once and a while, there are good ol’ fashioned NHL trades that come as teams examine their strengths, weaknesses, needs and surpluses.

Organizations will be asking themselves, ‘Are we going to make the postseason?’ Or, ‘Are we sellers?’ Some will need short-term fixes, others will have to make a long-term plans now that this season is a lost cause.

Here are seven names to keep an eye on heading into the deadline:

Zach Bogosian

We’ll start with the Buffalo Sabres where two players have indicated they’d like to be moved. Zach Bogosian is on the final year of a contract that sees him make almost $5.2 million in 2019-20 and that could be a tough deal to move. Sometimes a scratch, he’s unhappy with his deployment and wants an opportunity to play and show he’s worth around hefty contract next season.

What’s interesting is that another defenseman in Buffalo was just traded on the cheap, that being Marco Scandella. He wound up in Montreal and that could spell even more difficulty for Bogosian who’s probably wondering why he wasn’t the guy moved.

While neither party is bashing the other and there seems to be a sense to try and make the relationship work as best as possible, there’s certainly a sense of underlying friction and he’s a player to watch.

Darren Dreger also reported there are rumblings the Sabres are looking at making more moves. He writes, “Sounds like Buffalo is still on the hunt and willing to move other pieces. Could be it for today, but expect more to come.”

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