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5 Interesting Facts About Simon Benoit of the Maple Leafs

When Simon Benoit signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs, few thought he was a good player. They were wrong. What makes him interesting?

When Simon Benoit first came to the Toronto Maple Leafs, many fans and hockey analysts alike scoffed at why the team would bring him in. His season was not strong with the Anaheim Ducks in 2022-23, and there was skepticism that he could add anything to the team’s lineup.

How wrong these skeptics were. In his last game, Benoit – although he started slowly – has emerged as a top-four defenseman. He played over 22 minutes. He has also emerged as a standout among Maple Leafs fans. He’s captivated fans with his blend of blue-collar on-ice play and his off-ice charm. His journey from undrafted prospect to key player for the Maple Leafs has been a surprise. He’s emerged as a player the Maple Leafs will likely re-sign for next season.

In this article, I want to dig into Benoit’s background and his on-ice play to list five interesting facts about him. What is Simon Benoit like as a person? In addition, what might make him an interesting player for this team in the future?

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What Makes Simon Benoit So Interesting?

Interesting Fact One: Benoit Brings Perseverance and Positivity to the Maple Leafs

Simon Benoit’s journey from undrafted prospect to key player for the Maple Leafs is a testament to his perseverance, positivity, and passion for the game. Despite facing challenges like skating issues and going undrafted, Benoit remained determined and focused on achieving his goals.

Simon Benoit Toronto Maple Leafs

His tattoo of a Mahatma Gandhi quote above his heart reflects his indomitable will to succeed, inspiring both teammates and fans alike. The tattoo reads, “Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will,” which summarizes Benoit’s journey as a professional hockey player and reflects his tough attitude in the face of adversity (from “Maple Leafs notebook: Subway rides, and can Simon Benoit keep it going in Toronto?” Joshua Kloke, The Athletic, 02/09/2024).

Interesting Fact Two: Benoit Has a Friendly Demeanor

Benoit is known for his pleasant and respectful demeanor, especially off the ice. He has earned the admiration of teammates and coaches for his approachability and positive attitude. His willingness to listen and seek advice from coaches demonstrates his openness to learning and growing as a player. He soaks up the critiques that he’s given from coaches and listens to improve. He’s a worker.

Interesting Fact Three: Benoit Loves Living in Toronto

Benoit has embraced Toronto as his home and expresses a desire to remain with the Maple Leafs beyond his current contract. He speaks fondly of the city’s amenities and culture, enjoying downtime in local cafes and living near Trinity Bellwoods Park. He enjoys wandering through Toronto neighborhoods and parks. His love for the organization and commitment to contributing to a winning culture highlights his genuine affection for Toronto.

Interesting Fact Four: Benoit Brings a Physical Defense-First On-Ice Performance

Benoit brings a physical, defense-first style of play to the Maple Leafs’ blue line, something the team has lacked in recent years. His open-ice hits and willingness to battle in the corners make him a valuable asset on defense. Despite initially facing challenges to secure a spot in the lineup, Benoit’s determination and skill have earned him a top-four role alongside Jake McCabe.

Interesting Fact Five: Benoit Has Some Hidden Talents

Beyond his contributions on the ice, Benoit possesses hidden talents. These include his culinary skills. He takes pride in his cooking abilities and enjoys making homemade ravioli from scratch, filled with corn, ricotta, and mustard seed microgreens. His humility and willingness to share his talents add depth to his character, making him an intriguing individual both on and off the ice.

The Bottom Line for Simon Benoit and the Maple Leafs

In summary, Simon Benoit’s impact on the Maple Leafs extends beyond his performance on the ice. His friendly demeanor, love for Toronto, and hidden talents contribute to his attraction as a fan favorite.

As far as a hockey player goes, Benoit’s perseverance and positivity have been pivotal in overcoming obstacles throughout his career. At the same time, his dedication to improving and contributing to a winning culture reflects his genuine passion for the game. As Benoit continues to make his mark in the NHL, fans can look forward to witnessing his positive impact both on and off the ice.

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