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Zdeno Chara Not Sure If He’ll Return to Capitals or the NHL

Zdeno Chara not sure what his future holds with the Washington Capitals or the NHL.

It sounds like Alex Ovechkin will be back with the Washington Capitals next season. It’s just a matter of coming to terms with the team and finding the right number that works for both sides. T.J. Oshie’s future is a bit less clear thanks to the NHL Expansion Draft, but he’d like to return as well. Evgeni Kuznetsov might not be back as the team potentially looks for a trade. But, when it comes to Zdeno Chara, he’s not at all sure where he sits.

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Chara told reporters that he plans on taking the next few weeks to mull over his future not just with the Capitals but in the NHL. In other words, he might retire, and if he does, it certainly won’t be the way he wants his career to come to a close.

Chara noted: “This season didn’t end the way we wanted, but that’s life. We have to move on, As far as myself and my future, I’m going to probably take a few days to talk to my family and make decisions after.” He added:

“I think it’s not always a decision I can make myself. Sometimes there are things in life you have to realize, and I have to have a conversation with my wife and children and see where we want to be in the next few days or weeks. After those conversations, I’m going to probably let the emotions settle in and see where I’m at.”

Why Zdeno Chara left the Bruins for the Capitals.

This won’t be the first offseason where Chara’s future wasn’t clear. Last year he took a long time before deciding to return. Most of that was related to the COVID situation and the potential of playing in a bubble, and he did admit that was tough this season. He also says it was a lot more comfortable than he could have imagined.

What If Chara Hangs It Up?

That Chara said, “some things you have to realize,” offers perhaps the first real look at a player who has never once indicated that he might not have what it takes to play another season. He’s always seemed confident he could play, it was just about wanting to or the right environment.

If Chara elects to not just walk away from the Capitals, but the NHL as an active player, one has to wonder what his next steps will be and if he’ll take on a role as an executive. It seems logical to assume a role will be waiting for him, especially with his former team.

If Chara is interested, Don Sweeney should have no hesitation in picking up the phone and hiring him for a coaching job of some kind.

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