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WWE Sending Championship Belts to Washington Capitals

The Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals will be getting custom WWE belts

WWE has made it a habit of celebrating the winners of sports major trophies in a unique way. The tradition is to send custom-made belts to the team and the Washington Capitals are no exception. After winning the 2018 Stanley Cup on Thursday, the Caps are going to be receiving a pretty cool gift in the mail.

This was the first Stanley Cup win for the Capitals franchise and the city of Washington is celebrating today. We’ll see if the belt makes it in time to the team before their city parties and Stanley Cup parade which they are sure to have.

Surprisingly, WWE didn’t decide to send the Universal Title which is red. The Caps have been rockin’ the red all season and that seems like it might have been more fitting. If WWE were smart, they’d make these available to order for Caps fans who would spend almost anything to have that memorabilia. The Stanley Cup is arguably the hardest trophy to win in sports. It could be some time before fans get to celebrate like this in Washington again.

The last one given out by WWE to an NHL club was the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2017.

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