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WWE Rumor: CM Punk Wrestling Return More Likely?

Is a return to the wrestling ring more and more likely for CM Punk? Perhaps more likely than we think.

While it’s just a rumor, there is speculation that the trial of CM Punk is not going quite as well as he might have hoped and that it’s been far more emotional than he needs with his next UFC fight right around the corner. Already not in the good graces of many in the MMA world, this next bout at UFC 225 could be his last shot at MMA and that means a return to wrestling is far more likely than it’s ever been, especially since he’s rumored to not be making nearly as much for this fight and a dragging trial could be eating away at his finances.

The trial of CM Punk vs. WWE doctor Chris Amann is still ongoing and in Friday’s proceedings, Punk was brought to tears trying to describe the situation in WWE when he was claiming to be hurt and need a back surgery but WWE doctors misdiagnosed him. Transcripts from the trial also included texts and emails where Punk admitted he’s set out to bury and hurt Amann and that didn’t help his cause any.

Meanwhile, as this emotional trial lingers, Punk is set to fight Mike Jackson on June 9. Jackson is a much more evenly matched opponent for Punk but he’s still potentially not favored to win this fight. He can’t possibly be 100 percent having to spend most of his training days in court.

Rumors that he is attached to the biggest independent wrestling show ever produced — All In — are also hanging around in the background. Some are suggesting he’s got an itch to get back into the business and was just soured by what happened in his final days in WWE. If he’s thinking about coming back to wrestling, All In would be a good place to do it, although it likely wouldn’t make him rich, instead, being more about taking a shot at WWE.

In the end, WWE realizes how much of a draw Punk might be. If this UFC thing goes sideways and he doesn’t stick with indie wrestling, WWE would pay him well to return, having forgiven bigger stars and put aside bigger grievances in the past.

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