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Sami Callihan Calls Out Chris Jericho (Video w/ Language)

Impact and ROH wrestler Sami Callihan is not too happy with Chris Jericho and calls him out in his latest video.

Everyone seems to want to get in on the success of All In or Chris Jericho’s cruise. Sami Callihan is no exception. While Jericho is busy planning this Rockin’ Rolla Wrestling Cruise and performing for NJPW, he’s also being namedropped by a very talented and old school heel who is a bit pissed that he’s being included on some very big upcoming shows.

Callihan shot a video claiming who doesn’t care who he takes on but that he’s the best draw in the business and that he’s being disrespected and ignored is unacceptable. He calls himself “the “draw” and since companies like Impact, ROH, and talents like Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes can’t see it, he might just have to show up with his baseball bat and prove his worth. Callihan specifically targeted Chris Jericho.

[Warning, this video has explicit language]

“I don’t care if it’s All In, I don’t care if it’s the Chris Jericho Cruise, a cruise I didn’t even get booked on which is bullsh*t. What are you guys afraid? Chris Jericho are you just afraid of Sami Callihan?” he asked. “I am sick of being disrespected because I am the draw and there is not one person that will tell me differently. … I might just have to get my baseball bat and show up on this cruise because I do what I want, when I want!”

There has been no response from Jericho so it’s too early to tell if this is a storyline and Callihan will eventually be part of this cruise or if this was a pitch by Callihan to get an invite. It may just be one indie using the publicity of another to gain some video views for a very well done promo.

Fans will have to just wait and see if anyone responds to Callihan’s claims or threats. They may not and this may just go down as a promo that was fun to watch. But, if the rumors are true that Impact has interest in Jericho, is it out of the realm of possibility there’s something to this?

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1 Comment

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