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WWE and Something Else to Wrestle With Already Having Issues?

Something Else to Wrestle With will be delayed on WWE Network due to creative differences. Is there trouble brewing between Conrad Thompson and WWE?

ECW ruffled feathers when it was on television and apparently, even long after its demise, the hardcore professional wrestling brand it still causing a stir. This week’s episode of Something Else to Wrestle With that was to air today on WWE Network is being delayed and will air instead on Friday. Host Conrad Thompson wasn’t happy about the news and tweeted a video explaining the situation.

The podcast was to be all about ECW, which in and of itself meant there would be a lot of controversial topics covered. Thompson and Bruce Prichard filmed the episode and submitted it. Both were happy with the product but WWE was not, suggesting a number of things needed to be changed. Thompson refused and WWE has delayed the airing of the show. You can see in his video below, Conrad is a bit choked. Thompson said:

“Hey, what’s up guys? No show today. WWE wanted to edit some stuff, we’ve got creative differences, it ain’t airing. I wanted you to hear it directly from us. It’s not because we didn’t tape the show, we did, we’re just not happy with the final product. This is the first time this has happened and rather than just throw something up to have something up, it’s going to air on Friday. We’re not re-shooting it, Bruce and I are done, we’re happy with it but we’re not going to change the narrative. I don’t want to white-wash everything that ECW was. So I’m fighting for it. We’re going to get you the best possible product to you this Friday on the WWE Network, with a delay, and our most controversial ‘Something Else to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard’ ever. Tune in Friday.

Here’s to hoping this is not the start of friction in the relationship between the hosts and WWE. The show has been a revelation and fans are loving every minute. Many fans were even hoping WWE might consider also bringing in 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff which is getting huge ratings since becoming a podcast. Thompson is also the host of that show and if things are rocky between the two sides and Thompson proves to be difficult to work with, it would be shame to see Something Else to Wrestle With get a short run.

But, this could just be artists having a moment and digging their heels in the sand which happens often. It could be good to get this sort of thing out of the way now knowing how to handle these likely circumstances again in the future.

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