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Val Kilmer To Return In Top Gun 2

Val Kilmer is set to return as Iceman in the Top Gun: Maverick sequel.

He was in, then he was out and now it appears, Val Kilmer is back in again to play Iceman in the long-awaited sequel Top Gun: Maverick. After delays and incorrect information leaked, Paramount is finally moving forward with the project and Tom Cruise will reprise his role as Maverick, while Kilmer was just confirmed to show up in the film, reprising his role as Tom “Iceman” Kazansky (who in the first film was Cruise enemy turned ally).

In this film, Cruise will play a teacher (of sorts) to the new hotshot recruits. It is unclear where Kilmer will fit in. Is he also a teacher? Is he still getting along with Maverick or are they at odds again? In all honesty, Kilmer likely doesn’t care what he’ll be tasked to do as he campaigned hard to be included in the film and at one point, in 2016, revealed he’d been offered a part but had to take it back and recant his statement.

The Wrap broke the news that he was spotted near the film’s San Diego set and for now, that’s all anyone really knows. Even if his role is small, this is great news for Top Gun fans as Cruise was the only actor from the first film set to return for the sequel and no other actors had been announced. Rumors are there will be a character playing Goose’s son a new love interest for Cruise but no actors confirmed.  so, right? Regardless of why more casting news has yet to be announced, Kilmer’s return is one that will surely excite fans until they learn who else is going to be taking part in the sequel.

Clearly, there are actors cast as production for the film is underway but things are pretty hush hush. This is the first real news that has leaked in some time.

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