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Would Duncan Keith Waive No-Trade Clause to Leave Chicago?

Could Duncan Keith be asked to waive his no-trade clause to leave Chicago? Would he if asked?

Despite buzz that the Chicago Blackhawks might ask defenseman Duncan Keith to waive his no-trade clause, don’t expect to see that happen.

Speaking with Mark Lazerus of The Athletic, the 36-year-old defenseman indicated that he’s not interested in leaving the Blackhawks and if asked, he’d presumably decline. “I have that control. I have the ability to do that,” Keith said.

The reason some seem to be asking is because, as the Blackhawks fall out of the playoff conversation, some have suggested the team might want to offer Keith an opportunity to move on and play for a contender versus in Chicago where the organization might be going through an eventual rebuild. And if so, Lazerus writes there could be a few interested teams:

“…once again, Keith’s name has surfaced in trade speculation. Wouldn’t Joel Quenneville love to have him for Florida’s playoff push? Wouldn’t he be a great fit on the back end in Toronto? Or Edmonton? Or Carolina? Hell, what team couldn’t use a defenseman of Keith’s caliber and experience?

While expensive, Keith does have a lot to offer. Once again, he will lead the Blackhawks in ice time this season and has a ton of playoff experience. That noted, he has three years remaining on his contract after this one with a $5.538 million AAV.

Over time, if the Blackhawks continue to struggle and if Keith gets into the end of his contract with the team, things may change. For now, Keith will keep things status quo. So, if you hear any Keith being traded from the Blackhawks rumors, there probably isn’t much to them.

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