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Tuukka Rask Shoots Down Retirement Talk

Tuukka Rask tried to clear up any rumors of his retirement when he spoke to members of the Bruins’ media during a Zoom call on Monday.

Not long ago, there was talk out of Boston that Tuukka Rask had hinted he was thinking about calling it quits on his NHL career. About a month ago he noted to the media, “I have one year left in the contract, so we’ll see if I even play.” When asked if he was thinking about going to Europe, he said, “No, no, I wouldn’t.”

From that moment until Monday, there was some confusion about what Rask really meant. This week he spoke to several members of the Boston media during a Zoom call and pretty much cleared things up.

When asked about if he’d given retirement any thought, he replied, “Not really. I haven’t thought about retirement at all,” Rask said as per Boston Hockey Now. He added, “So far, I still have that passion to keep playing. Maybe it’s 36, 37 — maybe I’ll be the goalie that plays until he’s 45, maybe not.”

As media looked for potential clarification on where his earlier comments stemmed from or what he’s actually thinking about these days, Rask explained:

“It’s been such weird times that I’ve put full focus on my family at this time and just tried to enjoy that. But last summer was very short, the past two seasons have kind of combined together it felt like, so I’ve kind of used this time off just to get my mind off of hockey and focus on family. We travel a lot and it gets taxing mentally sometimes to be away from your family, so I just try to refocus my energy to the family and just be present here at home.” 

So, the good news for Rask and Bruins fans is that it sounds like he’s not going anywhere. He’s left the door open to changing his mind, but he’s certainly not hinting that this next season could be his last.

The question will now turn to what an extension would look like.

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