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Treliving Offers Hint Regarding Future of Sheldon Keefe in Toronto

Brad Treliving offered a hint as to the direction he’s going to take with the Maple Leafs coaching staff, including Sheldon Keefe.

Brad Treliving is likely to answer most, if not all of media questions officially on Thursday, but many fans and media members will want to know what the future holds for current Toronto Maple Leafs’ head coach Sheldon Keefe. With one more season remaining on his contract, is he staying or going? After all, it’s not uncommon for a new GM to clean house and bring in his own coach — something Brendan Shanahan has likely given Treliving the authority to do.

The newest and 18th GM in Maple Leafs’ history has already seemingly given a hint as to the future of Keefe in Toronto. And, it appears the current bench boss is going to be given every opportunity to keep his job.

“From what I understand he told them that he’s more than willing to consider keeping him,” Sporsnet’s Elliotte Friedman told host JD Bunkis on Sportsnet 590 The Fan on Wednesday. He added, “From what I understand, Treliving is open-minded on that issue. He’s prepared to meet and talk with Keefe and see if it makes sense.”

Brad Treliving offered a hint as to the direction he’s going to take with the Maple Leafs coaching staff, including Sheldon Keefe.

It sounds as though Shanahan — like he did when he told the “core four” that his preference was to keep them together — told all prospective GMs that he was in favor of keeping Keefe around. At the same time, it was ultimately their call. Keefe has a 166-71-30 (.678) record over four seasons as head coach of the Maple Leafs. He’s certainly warranted the right to be retained and if he is let go, it won’t take long for him to fund future employment, potentially as early as next season with the New York Rangers.

The downside, and one reason he could be let go, is because he is 13-17 in the post-season with his only playoff-round victory coming in 2023.

One would have to imagine that Treliving will have a conversation with the stars of the team and ask them for their input. If key players like Matthews and Marner are in favor of retaining Keefe, he likely stays. After all, one of the things Treliving doesn’t really want to do upon his arrival is upset the big-name players he’s going to potentially have to convince to stick around.

So too, if Treliving dismisses Keefe in short order, it’ll be the sixth head coach he’s gotten ridden, in one way or another, in seven years. At some point, he might want to change the reputation he has for so rapidly bringing in and then removing coaches.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. J.R.

    June 1, 2023 at 3:37 am

    Great, so another year of watching Keefe be ignored, out smarted and out coached. Why is this even a possibility. How many games in the playoffs was he able to get the most from this team? Regular season statistics don’t mean a dam thing and in the playoffs he has been found wanting. Perhaps we should just start handing out participation ribbons to the players and staff for clearly mediocrity rules the day. What an absolute joy it must be to be employed by TML, you can fail in the most embarrassing ways and not only will they keep you gainfully employed but they will also get their media to spin the most wonderful stories about how great you are. I miss the good old days when reporters actually had integrity and weren’t afraid to ruffle some feathers. Grapes, Bobcat, Berger, you may not have liked them but they were voices and opinions that many Leaf fans including this one wanted to hear.

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