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Torey Krug Wonders If He’ll Have to Leave Boston Bruins

Did Torey Krug’s recent comments suggest he’s seeing the end of his time in Boston coming?

It appears there might be some news on the Torey Krug re-signing with the Boston Bruins front. And, if we read between the lines, the news is not potentially all that good if you’re a Krug fan and want him to stay in Boston.

As most know, the salary cap situation in the NHL is going to be a tricky thing to navigate for a number of teams. Krug seems to know the Boston Bruins will be among the group of franchises that have to make tough decisions. He’s not sure he fits into that plan.

Krug told Joe Haggerty of NBC Sports Boston, “For me personally, I really hope I did not play my last game as a Boston Bruin,” Krug said on a conference call. “It’s been a special place for me and my family to grow. My love for the game and playing in front of these fans has been very special to me. But (this situation) hasn’t given me any clarity.”

Like many other players who are uncertain what the new cap will bring, specfically free agents who seem to be hitting the market at the worst possible time, Krug understands the business of hockey. “Things are going to look different from a salary-cap perspective next season,” Krug said.

When referencing his specific situation, he noted, “Team structures as well are going to be affected by it, but I have no clarity about it. … It’s just the reality of the situation.”

At the end of the day, Krug is due a healthy contract. He’s among the better offensive defensemen in the NHL and there’s a value attached to a player of his pedigree. He knows his worth, he knows what he’s willing to accept and probably what kind of discount he’d take to stay with the Bruins.

Unfortunately, these recent comments seem to suggest he’s not sure the Bruins can afford it.

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