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THW Podcast – Ep. 12 – NHL Trade Deadline and the Fine Are of Airbrushing Goalie Masks

On the 12th episode of The Hockey Writers Podcast, we give a final update on the NHL Trade Deadline as we visit with Josh Bell who covers the Ottawa Senators, Tony Wolak who covers the Detroit Red Wings and with Eugene Helfrick who covers the Tampa Bay Lightning.

On the 12th episode of The Hockey Writers Podcast, we take one last look at the NHL Trade Deadline with guests Josh Bell, Tony Wolak and Eugene Helfrick from The Hockey What will these three teams do? Each is approaching the trade deadline from a very different perspective.

We also welcome special guest Robert McEachern who shares some details on the fine art of airbrushing goalie masks. It’s a fascinating story of a guy who just wanted to help his son out as a first-time goaltender and things have exploded for him. He’s shares his story and where people can reach him if they want to get their goalie masks done up.

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