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The Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer Is Here And It’s Controversial

The trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody is out and it’s drawn some criticism. Should the film be more focused on Mercury’s music, his troubles, his sexuality, AIDS or all the above? Looking at the trailer, it’s hard to know what this movie will really be about.

Queen fans have long been waiting for a film that would celebrate one of the greatest bands in the history of Rock n’ Roll. Perhaps more, tell the story of that band’s lead singer Freddie Mercury. With the release of Bohemian Rhapsody set for November 2, 2018, Mercury fanatics will get to see a chronicle of the years leading up to the band’s legendary show at the Live Aid in 1985 and with a film full of unique casting choices, should be an interesting telling of the story of Queen, their music, and, hopefully, an accurate story of the front-man who had millions of fans around the globe.

That said, for some, the newest trailer raises questions about whether or not the film will do this story justice.

It all started when actor Sasha Baron Cohen — who was the first actor cast to play the role of Mercury — just sort of left the project. Rumors were, he had differences with the band and on his way out he was quick to go public about how the film was too focused on the good times while ignoring the very important but less glorified stories of the band and its lead singer. If one were to look at the trailer, perhaps Cohen was right as the recent view of the film completely ignores the topic of his sexuality, his disease and ultimately his death and how it impacted the band. All of those elements would have been an important part of the entire story of his legacy.

Whether you believe Mercury’s love of men or women actually matters when it comes to his music, the film’s potential ignoring of the years following the 1985 concert leaves the movie open to a wide range of criticism. Because the trailer only shows Mercury interacting with women or calling his death from AIDS a “life-threatening illness”, while not using the words, a number of critics have suggested the film may dance around these topics altogether, and if so, suggested this is not a film worth seeing if it’s only going to tell half the story.

Not only did the film switch actors but it switched directors when Bryan Singer was fired by 20th Century Fox on December 5, 2017, for reportedly being at odds with his star, Rami Malek. Some are wondering if all the changes will affect the final product.

Others will love the film regardless, simply because it focuses on the band’s unforgettable sound and their triumphant reunion. Take a look for yourself. Are people just thinking too much? Or, do they have a point?

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