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10 NXT Call-Up Flops and 8 Who Are Next

Who are the biggest flops in NXT history when it comes to talents being called up to the main WWE roster? Who might be next?

Fans who know NXT, know how critical that brand is to the long-term success of WWE. Most of today’s stars on Raw and SmackDown Live are coming up from the feeder brand and just because they made a name for themselves at Full Sail University where NXT shoots in front of a smaller crowd, doesn’t quite mean they were able to make a successful transition onto the main roster where the audiences are bigger and much less forgiving.

Essentially, NXT can be seen as the minor leagues or the training ground for future WWE stars but like any sport, it doesn’t mean they’ll shine when the brightest lights are on them. It could be WWE’s fault and it could be the pressure of performing on the bigger stage but things just haven’t gone their way since their debut.

Check out an article we recently wrote on TheSportster where we take a look at the 10 NXT call-ups who flopped on the main roster and eight more who will in the future. Or, click on the image below to read to see who we think hasn’t cut the mustard so far and which WWE Superstars are only a few bad booking decisions or failed performances away from being next.

via thesportster

From Apollo Crews, The Revival, Bobby Roode, No Way Jose, Adam Rose and others, we took at look at everyone since NXT’s inception. The brand has pushed through some great talents and while some of WWE’s biggest stars came from NXT, it’s not always a positive experience for everyone.

Stick with us for more news on WWE, NXT, and everything professional wrestling. For news and updates on WWE, click on our wrestling news tab under the Sports drop-down menu.

You can watch NXT each week on the WWE Network, Raw on Mondays and SmackDown Live on Tuesdays.

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