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Sabres Hold Taylor Hall Out of Lineup, Trade Discussions Heating Up

Taylor Hall is being held out of the lineup for the Buffalo Sabres on Tuesday, while trade talks start heating up.

Trade talks surrounding forward Taylor Hall were already happening frequently. They’ll ramp up into overtime now that it’s been learned the winger is being held out of the Buffalo Sabres lineup just six days ahead of the NHL trade deadline and as the Sabres take on the New Jersey Devils.

As most fans know, if you’re holding out a player who isn’t injured just days before the deadline, it’s because you’ve likely got something cooking on the trade front. Either that, or your intention is to avoid injury and risk not being able to make a trade. This is likely the case for Hall, whose name has been all over the place when it comes to trade rumors.

A pending UFA, Hall is an expensive rental. While he’s open to re-signing with the organization, the Sabres are likely motivated to move him considering how disastrous their season has been and the fact he’s less likely to return as the franchise looks to make huge changes over the next six days. It appears both sides have settled on a trade being the more likely outcome.

Speculation is that GM Kevyn Adams is trying to determine Hall’s trade value. Can he get the first-round pick he’s seeking? Or, will he have to succumb to the fact this is a buyer’s market and Hall’s poor offensive season isn’t going to fetch the Sabres what they want in any deal.

As for who is rumored to be in on Hall, the New York Islanders have had their name pop up a couple of times again. They are one of the few teams who have the cap space to add a player of Hall’s salary and a spot open for him to slot right in thanks to an injury to Anders Lee.

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