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Video Proves Taylor Hall Was Interested in Long-Term Deal With Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres have released a video showing the process that went into signing Taylor Hall during NHL free agency.

The story of how NHL unrestricted free agent Taylor Hall landed with the Buffalo Sabres might have been among the most interesting in an already interesting NHL offseason. Knowing that fans would want and insider view of how that one-year deal came together, what got Hall interested and the ultimate tipping point was something the organization felt they wanted to share. They’ve done so by releasing a behind-the-scenes video on the acquisition.

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There was plenty of talk that the Sabres weren’t Hall’s first choice. The video doesn’t exactly answer that question, but it does give a bit more insight as to what each side was thinking as the pieces of the offer and acceptance of the deal was coming together.

The video shows Sabres toying with the idea of what adding Hall would do for the organization and then reaching out to Darren Ferris, Hall’s agent and telling him the team was never interested in anything more than a one-year deal. The video clearly demonstrates the short-term signing was initiated by the Sabres.

It also gives a more detailed look at what it’s like for GMs as they wait on a big-ticket free agent. In many respects, Adams felt somewhat handcuffed as he waited for Hall and his agent to return to the phone and talk specifics. There were times the team felt they might lose the player, but never a moment where they were thinking they had, so they held tight and waited.

Hall Might Really Want to Stay Long-Term

Perhaps the most interesting takeaway from the video is that it shows Hall seemed interested in a long-term deal at the time it was signed. Ferris actually called back twice, the first time asking if there was a reason the Sabres only wanted to do a shorter-term deal.

Hall has since made comments that the best thing for him would be to hope things work out and they can sign an extension. This video seems to back up that’s what he was interested in when he signed.

For the Sabres, it was about the finances and the uncertain climate that had been created by the pandemic.

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