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Sharks Pushing Hard to Sign Hertl, Forward Wants to Stay in San Jose

The San Jose Sharks are doing everything in their power to keep Tomas Hertl past this season. The GM says Hertl would like to stay too.

According to Elliotte Friedman in his latest 32 Thoughts column, Tomas Hertl and the San Jose Sharks are getting closer to an understanding that the forward won’t be moved at this year’s trade deadline and instead the two sides will work on an extension to keep the pending UFA with the organization long-term.

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Friedman writes, “In a potentially significant development, San Jose acting GM Joe Will told local reporters that conversations with Tomas Hertl and agent Craig Oster have both sides believing the player wants to stay.” He adds that Will said it’s just about “finding a way to have that happen.”

Tomas Hertl San Jose Sharks NHL

The GM went on to note that Hertl is a player the Sharks never wanted to lose and that they are going to do everything they can to make sure he sticks around. Obviously, an extension isn’t a given and Hertl will be a hot commodity at this year’s deadline if he’s not signed, but Will said the team will do what they can to avoid having to make that decision.

He wouldn’t confirm what would happen if Hertl doesn’t sign before March 21, and the assumption is the Sharks would have to consider all options. But, if Hertl has advised the Sharks he’d like to stay and his intention is to do so, perhaps they don’t feel as much pressure to get something done out of fear that he’ll take off for free during the offseason.

Will said, “Our team is on an upward trajectory. We’re a competitive, accountable team that plays hard. When we play well, we stay in games and we’re in a division that is kind of knotted up.” If he truly believes that, the Sharks are not thinking about a rebuild. At best, they want to retool and Hertl becomes an important part of their makeup. At the same time, the team has committed to going younger and getting more rookies into the lineup. Hertl is 28 and a long-term deal would keep him with the team into his mid-thirties.

Sharks Trying to Work Out Finer Details

According to Corey Masisak of The Athletic, “Will said he and Oster have been working on “the parameters” of a contract, but also didn’t want to divulge details of the negotiations.” There is no deadline on a potential extension and wouldn’t talk about their deadline plans at this stage.

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