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Evander Kane Takes Dirty Penalty on Binnington In Sharks OT Win [Video]

The San Jose Sharks win in overtime over the Blues, despite Evander Kane’s four penalties, with one dirty spear on Jordan Binnington.

When it comes to Evander Kane potentially finding himself in the midst of another controversy, few people would tell you they’re surprised. Just nine days after Kane made headline news because he filed for bankruptcy, he’s all over social media and on video reels again Wednesday evening because he slashed speared goaltender Jordan Binnington in the exact place you don’t want to be speared.

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This is likely a play that is going to result in a fine for Kane (or at least it should). It was dirty, unnecessary and careless and it’s not surprising anyone that he’d be in hot water already. And, of course, it led to all sorts of jokes about Kane being the last person in hockey who can afford to pay a fine if one is handed down.

Obviously, anyone filing for bankruptcy and struggling financially to the degree Kane says he has isn’t a laughing matter. That he’s dealing with gambling issues and other vices that are creating a situation where a $7 million per season player who has made over $50 million in his NHL career felt like he might have to sit out the season to avoid having his wages garnished is troubling. All that said, it doesn’t excuse such a dirty play and Kane will likely get no sympathy.

The penalty was deemed a slashing penalty and it might have hit Binnington in the midsection versus the groin, but it’s dirty nonetheless. It will be interesting to see if the league looks at this or if the St. Louis Blues send the tape in for review. It sure looks like a spear and if the Blues want to push the issue, it’s well within their rights to do so.

Kane Took a Number of Penalties

Amazingly, this was not Kane’s only penalty of the evening and he was catching flack from fans for being so lazy with his stick on previous infractions. He had four minor penalties on the evening.

More amazing, the Sharks still pulled out a 2-1 victory in overtime despite Kane’s infractions and distracting decision making.

Evander Kane San Jose Sharks

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