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Sabres and Rasmus Dahlin Negotiations Hit Major Snag

It sounds like the Buffalo Sabres and Rasmus Dahlin have hit a wall in contract talks and term is a major hurdle in negotiations.

In a recent report by Andrew Peters of The After the Whistle Podcast, the future of Rasmus Dahlin with the Buffalo Sabres has taken an unexpected twist. Dahlin, the talented defenseman, is reportedly pushing for a five-year contract extension, while the Sabres are standing their ground with an offer that spans eight years. This divergence in contract duration has apparently left Dahlin increasingly frustrated with the delay in reaching an extension agreement.

Peters shared this insight, stating, “Apparently Rasmus Dahlin wants a 5yr deal, and Sabres are holding strong at 8. He’s not happy it’s not done. So I’ve been told.”

This development represents a significant departure from earlier reports by the same podcast, which suggested that a deal between the player and the team had essentially been reached, with a reported annual salary of $10.5 million. However, the official announcement was still pending. Now, if the two sides are this far apart on the term, one has to wonder if it’s just a bit of a nudge that gets the player and the team closer together or if both sides need to start again at square one after the season.

Arguments Exist for Both Dahlin and the Sabres

The debate surrounding this contract negotiation is expected to intensify. Some argue that $10.5 million per season is a steep price to pay, particularly for a five-year contract. On the other hand, there are those who believe that committing to an eight-year deal in the current salary cap landscape might not be in Dahlin’s best interest.

Rasmus Dahlin Sabres extension
Rasmus Dahlin Sabres extension

Advocates for the shorter contract term contend that it’s a favourable compromise for the Sabres and that they should seize the opportunity before the upcoming season. They argue that Dahlin could potentially earn a more substantial contract if he waits until he reaches unrestricted free-agent status in the summer of 2025.

As the negotiations continue, the hockey world will be closely monitoring the outcome, recognizing that the decision will have far-reaching implications for both Rasmus Dahlin and the Buffalo Sabres.

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