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Rumor: LeBron James to Leave Cavaliers

Rumors have started to circulate that LeBron James has already made up his mind about not coming back to the Cleveland Cavaliers next season. The Lakers are apparently out, so who does that leave? And why is it coming out now?

The news that LeBron James might be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers at the end of the season isn’t new. But, with the NBA Playoffs still going strong and the Cavs still in the heart of competition, it is a bit strange to hear rumors pop up that James’ mind might be already made up.

Down 2-0 against the Boston Celtics, this is hardly the time for news to leak that the Cavs have next to no chance to keep their star player in the fold. A free agent this summer, he’s doing his best to make the Cavaliers competitive but without much of a supporting cast he’s getting tired and the Celtics, even down their two best players, are taking it to James and his team. Word is, he’s realized, the Cavs and their inability to make the right trades is not a team he can win with long term.

One NBA executive told Bleacher Report’s Ken Berger that it’s a matter of “not if, but when,” LeBron leaves. Berger says:

“A better way to look at it is, what kind of case can the Cavs make for LeBron to stay—on a team without a consistent third scorer (and oftentimes, without a second one)? Not to mention the Cavs already have the league’s highest payroll, and the only real asset they have to acquire a third star is one they better not trade unless they’re sure James is coming back.”

A prominent source told Berger, that the Cavs are “screwed.”

That same agent seems to think LeBron will not go to the Los Angeles Lakers even though speculation was that the Cavaliers, Lakers, Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers were on James’ short list of preferred destinations. With Lakers and Cavs out of the running, does that mean James has it narrowed down to two teams?

If the Cavs don’t figure out a way to fight back against the Celtics, it sounds like they can kiss LeBron goodbye. Even if they do, it stands to reason there’s a good chance he takes his talents somewhere else anyway.

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