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Robin Lehner Agrees to Push For Change With NHL Behind Closed Doors

Robin Lehner spoke to the media Tuesday and said he’s agreed to work with the NHL behind closed doors regarding team medication issues.

Robin Lehner made waves this past week when he took to Twitter and started blasting certain NHL organizations for distributing Ambient and medications to players without the proper diagnosis and medical prescriptions. He called out certain teams, named one specific coach as someone who was a “dinosaur” in the way he treated players like robots and not humans, and threatened to share a lot more proof if the NHL didn’t step up and do something about it.

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As per a report by Emily Kaplan, Lehner has spoken with the NHL and come to an agreement on how to work with the league moving forward. She writes:

Just talked to Robin Lehner. He’s confident he can push for change in the NHL. “They’re listening.” He’s moving his messaging behind the scenes, working w/ the NHL & NHLPA. He also asks for patience from the media as he begins the season & tries to take meaningful steps forward.

Lehner spoke to the media and said he’s been advocating for years that people listen. He tried multiple avenues to get the message out but he’s finally pleased to see the NHL is ready to take things seriously. He called this past weekend “a cry for help” and said it’s important for him to protect the younger generation of players.

In other words, he got the league’s attention, shook things up and forced them to pay attention. He was able to do so while an active NHL player and he’s going to help the league figure things out while he’s able to do something about it as part of the roster of players he’s trying to better have represented.

It’s not known what other information Lehner had that he was ready to share with the public or brought to the NHL’s attention. He stopped tweeting after the first series on that Saturday. What we can assume is that the information he had was damning and the NHL is going to seriously be looking into their policies and procedures, especially when it comes to the issue of gross medical malpractice.

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