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Reunion Between Marc-Andre Fleury and Penguins a Real Possibility

Despite being under contract with the Chicago Blackhawks this year, Marc-Andre Fleury could rejoin the Penguins in the not so distant future.

Very recently, Marc-Andre Fleury’s NHL future was very much up in the air after he was reportedly considering retirement due to being traded from the Vegas Golden Knights to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Fleury, who is the reigning Vezina Trophy winner, has since said that he will be reporting to Chicago for the 2020-21 season and that his hesitancy to do so in the beginning was simply due to the fact he was shocked by the trade and believed he would retire a Golden Knight. He currently just has one season remaining on his contract and despite being 36 years old is showing no signs of slowing down, which begs the question; what will happen with him next offseason?

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Marc-Andre Fleury Golden Knights Blackhawks
Could Marc-Andre Fleury finish his career as a Penguin?

This is likely something that has not even crossed Fleury’s mind yet. He is a competitor and was able to lead the Golden Knights to a Stanley Cup Final in the franchises first ever season. You can bet that his thoughts right now are going to Chicago and trying to turn them back into a contender like they were years ago. However, from a fans perspective it is hard not to think about the possibility of a return to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the near future.

Fleury’s Storied History With the Penguins

Fleury was taken first overall by the Penguins in 2003 and went on to play 13 seasons with them while being apart of three Stanley Cup championships. Unfortunately, when it came time for the Golden Knights expansion draft, the Pens chose to leave him unprotected in favor of younger goaltender Matt Murray, a decision they undoubtedly regret now.

Murray struggled once Fleury left the organization and has since been moved to the Ottawa Senators. The Penguins current number one is now Tristan Jarry, who struggled immensely in the 2021 postseason, resulting in both fans and media suggesting they need to replace him. Is it possible that replacement hasn’t happened due to the fact they are waiting to grab Fleury as a free agent next summer?

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It would certainly be a great story as the city of Pittsburgh loves Fleury and he has said on many occasions how much he loved playing there. Despite his great years with the Golden Knights, he played the majority of his career in a Penguins uniform and it would be fitting to see him end it there as well. This is of course a very early prediction and may not happen at all, but it is an interesting consideration nonetheless.



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