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Pietrangelo Talks How Close He Was To Signing With Maple Leafs

Alex Pietrangelo talked free agency and how his deal with Vegas came together. He also talked the Maple Leafs role in the process.

Kyle Dubas Alex Pietrangelo

Before defenseman Alex Pietrangelo eventually signed with the Vegas Golden Knights, there was buzz he was still working on a deal with the St. Louis Blues. That deal ultimately fell apart in the final hours but Pietrangelo noted, “I never ruled them out until the deal was signed in Vegas.” However, in the wings were rumored to be waiting the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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The Leafs were tied to Pietrangelo talks by the media since the moment it appeared he would be testing free agency. He was the perfect kind of player for the team and exactly what they would have needed but the money was tight. There were questions about how the Leafs were going to make it work, if, in fact, the Leafs were a part of the equation.

Pietrangelo was asked while speaking on First Up with Michael Landsberg and Carlo Colaiacovo about how close the Leafs were during this whole process. His answer was that he doesn’t actually know.

Pietrangelo said Don Meehan was his agent and he told him to take all the calls and deals with all the conversations. Noting he didn’t have time to pick up 50 phone calls because he has four kids, he simply told his agent to “call him when they’ve got something to talk about.”

More a Dream Than a Reality

Pietrangelo said his parents would have loved it if he’d have signed in Toronto and there’s always that part of him that will remember growing up as a kid from Toronto and wanting to play for the Maple Leafs. That said, it doesn’t sound like he was ever aware of real interest from the team nor were things ever all that close if conversations were had.

For Pietrangelo, he didn’t rule out anyone. At the same time, it was really just a two-team show. It was Vegas or St. Louis.

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