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Insider Says Patrik Laine for Pierre-Luc Dubois Trade Not “Craziest” Idea

Pierre LeBrun notes the Blue Jackets have shown interest in Patrik Laine. As such, a Laine for Pierre-Luc Dubois deal isn’t crazy.

With two teams dealing with two separate restricted free agent dilemmas, it seems only natural to make a connection on the trade front. And, considering The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun has confirmed that the Columbus Blue Jackets have previously shown interest in Patrik Laine, that a player in Columbus wants out, the trade chatter is getting a little louder.

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Laine didn’t seem terribly pleased to be back at Winnipeg Jets camp — at least, he didn’t seem terribly pleased about having to talk to media about being back at Jets camp. When asked about where things stand with the team, Laine didn’t deny reports from his agent that he’d ultimately liked to be moved, he simply said, “I’m here, aren’t I?”

At the same time, Pierre-Luc Dubois has signed a two-year bridge deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets but speculation is he’s looking to be moved. He says he doesn’t believe the lingering trade talk will cast a shadow over Blue Jackets’ camp or the season, but everyone seems to know better. This is a storyline that will be front-and-center for the team all season long, or at least until he’s moved.

Patrik Laine Jets
Patrik Laine Jets

So, why not a trade centered around these two?

LeBrun noted in an article for The Athletic, “If Cheveldayoff had found a good deal, he would have pulled the trigger.” Meaning, he’s tried to trade Laine, but the returns haven’t been good enough. He added, “Sources confirm the likes of Philadelphia, Carolina and Columbus spoke to Winnipeg about Laine back in the fall, but nothing came of it. At least not yet.”

It’s difficult to image that if Blue Jackets’ GM Jarmo Kekalainen were to pick up the phone and dangled Dubois, Cheveldayoff wouldn’t be interested.

The Irony Is Almost Too Much to Ignore

As LeBrun also points out, “it’s ironic of course that Kekalainen had shown interest in Laine when now it’s him, too, that has a young star putting him in a tough spot… Laine for Dubois? I mean, it’s not the craziest notion ever.”

The question becomes, is it a one-for-one deal? Does either player see the other team as a potential long-term home? In others words, what guarantee do the Blue Jackets have that Laine will want to stick around? And, what makes the Jets so sure that Dubois will be happy to sign long-term when his two-year bridge deal is done?

If you were either team, would you do it? Obviously, both teams have time to make the right deal and they’ll do their due diligence to make the trade that offers the best return, if one is made.

What’s so interesting is that, perhaps the best trade is the one that’s starting both teams right in the face.

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