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Penguins Quickly Shoot Down Rumors of Crosby Trade to Canadiens

A rumor suggested the Montreal Canadiens and Pittsburgh Penguins might have had a quick chat about a Sidney Crosby trade.

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We earlier reported Darren Dreger’s comments that he could see a scenario where Sidney Crosby eventually tells the Pittsburgh Penguins they can go ahead and trade him. Dreger said during a TSN radio interview that if the Pens aren’t contenders and they can speed up their rebuild by getting solid pieces for him, Crosby might be willing to go to a team like the Colorado Avalanche.

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Assuming Crosby talk in general gets you wound up, you’ll love this next story…

In a separate set of trade talks, Dan Kingerski of Pittsburgh Hockey Now also noted this week that there was a rumor soon after Jim Rutherford stepped down as general manager that the Penguins and Montreal Canadiens had been chatting about Crosby. Allegedly, co-owner Mario Lemieux and Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin discussed the possibility of a trade but the Penguins thought better of it.

The report notes that Lemieux and Bergevin are extremely close friends and the topic may have come up, but that Lemieux quickly “snapped out of it”.

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Important to note here is that Kingerski also writes that a Penguins team source quickly shot down that rumor and Kingerski himself teetered on mentioning the deal so as not to look like a fool. That said, the scribe acknowledged that Dreger’s suggestion Crosby might want to help his current team by letting them trade him and at the same time cement his legacy as the guy who brought winning back to Pittsburgh — even if the winning team doesn’t include him on the roster — it “doesn’t sound insane in that context.”

Expect More of This Type of Chatter

Kingerski calls the Crosby chatter to Montreal “mostly ridiculous”, but fans should expect that more of these types of rumors may pop up. With the Penguins future uncertain and the direction of the team in doubt with both Ron Hextall and Brian Burke running the show, there will be trade talk. That talk will get louder if the Penguins don’t wind up being a playoff contender.

This time around it seems to be Crosby who is getting the attention. But, how long before it’s Kris Letang or Evgeni Malkin? Despite the fact that it appears the Penguins want to keep all three players, chatter will exist that any one of these three veterans could be on the move.

For the record… we don’t imagine this rumor has a lot of teeth to it. It’s easy to make a connection between good friends and say that they may have had a quick discussion about the superstar. That doesn’t mean there was any real substance to those talks.

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