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Patrick Roy Could Be an Interesting Pick to Coach Maple Leafs

Although there’s no word on the Toronto Maple Leafs changing coaches, why would Patrick Roy make an interesting coach for the team?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have had their fair share of struggles in recent years, especially when it comes to playoff success. As the team searches for answers, NHL analyst Kris Versteeg suggests a bold move. He believes the Maple Leafs should replace current head coach Sheldon Keefe with Hall of Fame Goalie and former coach of the Colorado Avalanche Patrick Roy. 

In the recent episode of the JD Bunkis Podcast, seen in the video below, Versteeg explains why he believes Roy should be the coach that the Maple Leafs need to hire. Why? Because he believes Roy can help the Maple Leafs finally overcome their postseason hurdles.

Roy’s Coaching Evolution

Roy coached the Quebec Remparts to a Memorial Cup victory on Sunday. By doing so, that began the speculation that he might just be ready to take on an NHL job. Over 12 seasons in junior with the Remparts, Roy has put together an impressive coaching record of 459-246-60.

According to Versteeg, Roy has learned a thing or two about coaching in his time with the Remparts. In his time with the Avalanche, Roy employed a strict man-on-man defensive system. However, over time he’s he adapted and developed a more hybrid approach.

That approach has helped his team play more effectively. Versteeg believes Roy has learned and is now ready to apply his knowledge to the NHL.

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Building Upon Roy’s Expertise

One key aspect Versteeg emphasizes is Roy’s ability to effectively manage the team’s power play and defensive structure. Drawing from his own experience playing against Roy’s Avalanche, Versteeg admits that Roy’s rigid system simply didn’t work. However, he believes the goalie legend has evolved and would bring a wiser approach to the NHL level.

Patrick Roy could be an interesting head coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Versteeg also suggests that Roy would benefit from other assistant coaches’ expertise. And, the Maple Leafs don’t have a salary cap when it comes to hiring assistant coaches. In fact, Versteeg speculates that a potential coaching staff could join Roy in Toronto. Someone like Simone Gagné could assist with the offence. It would also be possible to bolster the defensive coaching staff as well.

Roy Could Fit the Big Stage Well

Versteeg believes that Roy would not wilt from pressure, but would thrive. His Hall of Fame career says it all. He’s also showcased his ability to handle pressure at every level. Versteeg also believes Roy’s personality and experience would resonate with Toronto’s fans.

Versteeg believes that Roy has been through the ups and downs of coaching. That includes returning to juniors. Roy understands what it takes to win. Could he be the leader the Maple Leafs need?

Versteeg knows there are other former NHL coaches who could take the job, but he believes Roy stands out as a good fit for the Maple Leafs. He believes Roy’s track record and ability to thrive in high-stakes situations make him an intriguing candidate.

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The Bottom Line

Obviously, there’s no conclusion that the Maple Leafs will even make a coaching change. Still, Versteeg endorses Roy as a potential replacement for Sheldon Keefe.

Roy’s coaching evolution, ability to handle pressure, and understanding of what it takes to win could help the Maple Leafs finally overcome their playoff struggles. It’s a bold step, but having Roy behind the bench certainly presents an intriguing possibility for the team and its fan base.

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  1. Red2red

    June 5, 2023 at 9:49 pm

    Is this an article now? Watching other people’s shows and “reporting” its content?

  2. gfinale

    June 6, 2023 at 5:22 am

    Hello?! That’s the QMJHL junior league. How about Roy take the regular and best route that produces most of the really good NHL coaches? He should move up to, say, assist coach in the AHL. After some time at that, and I don’t mean 1 year, if he seems ready and good enough, he becomes an AHL head coach. If he does well at that for some time then a NHL team decides to try him out as an ASSISTANT coach. When the Leafs get fancy, when they think they know more, when they go off the proven track, almost every single time they have failed because of it. How about they just go the normal route for a change instead of thinking they know better? How about getting a coach with lots of good NHL experience and especially good NHL playoff experience…what they’ve been sadly lacking from a NHL coach with no NHL experience before the Leafs.

  3. afp1961

    June 6, 2023 at 8:00 am

    No way no how to Patty Roy. Too volatile and too much of an ego. The Toronto media would eat him alive and gode him into some kind of controversy. Coach cannot be bigger than life and bigger than the team. IMO that is what Roy is.

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