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Oilers Would Turn Down Puljujarvi-for-Karlsson Trade [Report]

It is being reported that interest from the Oilers in Erik Karlsson is exaggerated and that the Oilers would turn down a very friendly offer.

According to Frank Seravalli, the Edmonton Oilers wouldn’t be interested in trading for defenseman Erik Karlsson if it meant giving up Jesse Puljujarvi in the deal. Furthermore, Seravalli contends that sources he talked to said that even if the San Jose Sharks retained salary in the deal, the Oilers would turn it down. In fact, those sources say the Sharks are surprised to hear the Oilers have any interest at all.

If Seravalli’s sources are accurate, it just goes to show that any speculation the Oilers had eyes on Karlsson is not true. And, considering the comments made by Jesse Puljujarvi about his status on the team and the trade leverage the Oilers lost when Puljujarvi made those comments, the Oilers really must not be interested in making this deal.

This is not to say that the Oilers don’t like the player. This is more about Karlsson’s $11.5 million salary and how hard it would be for GM Ken Holland to fit that money onto their current roster. Seravalli contends that Karlsson has little value in a deal, even if the Sharks were to retain 50% off his contract. He goes on to say Karlsson has no value if salary is not retained.

Salary Cap Is Like Gold In The NHL

That the Oilers would turn down moving a player they are clearly trying to ship out for a Norris Trophy-caliber d-man with experience at half his salary proves just how valuable cap space is. Shipping out Puljujarvi, then adding Karlsson at 50% still adds $2.75 million to the Oilers’ cap. They can’t afford to do that without running the risk they won’t be able to activate Evander Kane when he comes back to the team in February off of LTIR.

Erik Karlsson Jesse Puljujarvi Oilers Sharks

And, this isn’t just the Oilers that are thinking this. Seravalli seems to hint that no team has stepped up to offer the Sharks anything of value, even if the Sharks hold onto almost $6 million in salary in a trade. For the record, this was not something the Sharks were believed to be interested in doing from the outset.

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