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Oilers Clear Deadline Message: Won’t Trade Broberg for a Rental

Teams have been asking the Edmonton Oilers about Philip Broberg ahead of the trade deadline, but the Oilers won’t trade him for a rental.

The Edmonton Oilers might be willing to trade Philip Broberg, but that deal comes with certain conditions. And, it’s certainly a lot less likely now than it might have been in the past. First, a team has to convince GM Ken Holland to part with the young defenseman. That means something coming to Edmonton of value. Second, it can’t be for a trade deadline rental.

According to Elliotte Friedman, the Oilers have been receiving calls about Broberg and the messaging has been the same to anyone asking. That is, Broberg might be a piece Edmonton would be open to talking about, but the Oilers want something back that won’t be leaving in a few months. Holland is well aware that the piece(s) he might add at the deadline could be short-term, he’s just not willing to part with someone like Broberg to get what he needs.

Instead, that means the Oilers will have to consider moving their first-round pick if they’re to pick up anything of real value. Other roster assets the Oilers might have available aren’t of tremendous value. Using them to make a deadline deal work is more challenging. As such, it will have to be the pick Edmonton sacrifices to get the winger or defenseman they covet.

Is There a Way the Oilers Still Trade Broberg?

Friedman’s report opens the door to other options. First, a player with term could be considered. While no names were mentioned, someone like Jakob Chychrun or another asset without an expiring contract would be someone the Oilers might take a closer look at. Second, a pending UFA that agrees to an extension before the trade might also be of interest.

Philip Broberg Ken Holland Oilers trade talk

Realistically, those two options are more difficult to pull off, so the likelihood that Broberg is moved will be slim. Instead, Holland believes the young blueliner will be an important piece for the roster next season. It makes sense then, that the team isn’t willing to give that away.

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