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Edmonton Oilers

Oilers Looking to Add Missing Element to Their Lineup

The Edmonton Oilers might feel like they’re missing an element from their lineup and could be looking to a trade to find it.

Rumblings are out there that the Edmonton Oilers might be looking around the NHL trade market for a player or two that their roster currently lacks. How they’ll manage to make a move with little salary cap — there is some temporary space due to Evander Kane’s injury) is another question, but GM Ken Holland seems to understand that his roster is missing something.

Kurt Leavins of the Edmonton Journal points out that both Friedman and Frank Seravalli have brought up forward Sam Lafferty with respect to the Oilers. He’s a well-rounded player on both ends of the ice and the Blackhawks are likely open to moving pieces as they rebuild. He carries a $1.15 million salary cap through next season.

Leavins writes:

He is a 27-year-old, 6’1 200LB right-shot Center, 50% on draws so far this season. He is physical, can skate, and can PK. He brings an overall dimension that does not presently exist in the Oilers Bottom-6. It would have to be money-in, money-out to make it work cap-wise. But it is something worth watching as Ken Holland continues to assess the roster and muse over which buttons to push to take this team over the top.

In other words, Lafferty would add some bite and determination to a lineup that seems less willing to engage at times. He would help the club’s struggling penalty kill and lay in the hits, potentially stirring the pot and answering the bell like Kane did.

Ryan Reeves Sam Lafferty

In fact, the Oilers are so interested in adding an element of team toughness, there are rumors the team has checked into the availability of Ryan Reaves of the New York Rangers. He’s perhaps the undisputed heavyweight champion of the NHL these days, but he adds little to no offensive upside. He would be acquired merely to give the stars more space to move and be a potential deterrent.

No legitimate sources have directly connected the Oilers and Rangers in trade discussions. The Rangers might be open to clearing the cap space that comes with Reeve’s $1.75 million salary. He was added by the team to specifically improve their overall team toughest.

Update: Kevin Weekes is reporting the Rangers have traded Reaves, but he is going to the Minnesota Wild. As per Pierre LeBruin, the Rangers deal Ryan Reaves to Minny for a 2025 fifth-round pick. No salary retained.

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