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NHL Insider Mentions Oilers In Discussion About Bo Horvat Trade

The Edmonton Oilers are being connected to Vancouver and Bo Horvat by insider Frank Seravalli. Is there really anything there?

It’s not clear why Frank Seravalli is linking Edmonton to Bo Horvat and the Canucks in a potential trade scenario, but the NHL insider suggests GM Ken Holland might be looking for another center ahead of the NHL Trade Deadline and he mentioned his while discussing the possibility that Horvat is going to be moved by the Canucks this season.

Seravalli said it’s not just about scoring goals when it comes to Horvat. Saying “he’s a pretty complete player”, he adds, “he provides a lot for your team and in your own end of the ice which I think makes him incredibly attractive to anyone that would be interested in a center.” Apparently, and despite having Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Edmonton is in that group.

There has been speculation the Oilers might try to add a depth center for a playoff run and Jonathan Toews is a name that has been tossed out there, but Toews and Horvat aren’t really on the same level in terms of trade value and skill level. Toews is hitting the last few seasons of his career while Horvat is going to be a dominant force for years to come. Horvat is second in the NHL in goals right now with 14 (just behind McDavid). There is a difference in salary — Toews makes $5 million more on the cap than Horvat — but the assets that would be needed by Edmonton to add Horvat would be tremendous.

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Seravalli said, “I can name five teams, really without blinking that would love to have a center.” He noted Columbus, Detroit, Boston, and Edmonton are among the teams, then said, “Go through the teams, who wouldn’t be able to plug in a player of Horvat’s stature?” It’s an interesting comment because the Oilers can’t necessarily plug him in that easily.

How Would Edmonton Make Horvat Work?

Yes, the Oilers do have space because of the Evander Kane injury situation, but that space is only temporary. When Kane is healthy in February, the Oilers will need to have room to plug him back into the lineup. Adding Horvat will give the Oilers a big scoring boost for the next few months, but then what? Who goes? And, can the Oilers really move the salary they’ll need to?

Bo Horvat Edmonton Oilers trade rumors
Bo Horvat Edmonton Oilers trade rumors

Horvat coming to Edmonton seems like a long shot at best. And, that’s assuming the Canucks ultimately decide not to sign him. There is talk that Jim Rutherford and Patrick Allvin may try to capitalize on how red-hot Horvat is right now and talk trades with other teams, but moving Horvat essentially writes off the remainder of Vancouver’s season. And, for the Oilers, if they go there, that’s it for what they’ll be able to add before the playoffs. Their needs may be greater on defense than at forward.

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