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Oilers’ Dylan Holloway Now on Third Quarantine for COVID-19

Dylan Holloway has spent lots of time by himself. Not only has he tested positive for COVID-19 but he’s been quarantined three times. Why?

Dylan Holloway is now with Team Canada at their world junior selection camp – well, sort of. He’s actually quarantined there. Even though he had tested positive for COVID-19 in September, he was placed in quarantine because two players in the Team Canada camp tested positive on November 23.

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As a result, the entire camp has been put into quarantine until December 7. Nasty stuff, this COVID-19. (from “Edmonton Oilers draft pick says COVID-19 was “a little rough,” Robert Tychkowski, Edmonton Journal, 02/12/20).

Holloway was also quarantined for two weeks as soon as he crossed the Canada/USA border to attend the camp. So, counting his own bout with the virus, he’s experiencing his third quarantine during the past three months. That means that he’s been quarantined for about half of the time since September.

Dylan Holloway, Edmonton Oilers’ Prospect

Fortunately, Holloway is still able to work out while during this last term of isolation the quarantine has brought his way. Although he’s not suffering directly from the virus, his life has been altered by it.

What Was It Like to Experience COVID-19?

Holloway discussed his COVID-19 experience, as well as talked about his roommate’s experience. For Holloway, it wasn’t so bad. He noted that, “I was pretty asymptomatic.”

Dylan Holloway, Oilers Prospect

Holloway did share that, for “the first couple of days, I’m not going to lie, I was really tired all the time. I can definitely see where it’s kind of a big deal to some people. Just getting up off the couch was kind of a big task. Other than that, that was about it, I felt pretty good.”

One of his roommates wasn’t as lucky as he was. The roommate lost his sense of smell and taste for over a month.

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Holloway’s Plans for the Near Future

Right now, Holloway wants to be part of a successful Team Canada World Junior Championship team – that’s his number one goal. After that, he plans to return to the University of Wisconsin and his coach the ex-NHLer Tony Granato.

Tony Granato, University of Wisconsin Coach

Some fans who have been following Holloway’s travels know that he didn’t leave his coach on the best of terms. Granato believed that staying with his team in Wisconsin was better for his career. Who knows what Holloway thinks after so much time in isolation? He wasn’t asked and didn’t say.

When he lands back at the University of Wisconsin, the first thing I’m wondering is whether he’ll be self-quarantined yet again. He still has his sophomore season with the NCAA’s Badgers to complete.

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