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Oilers’ McDavid Tops List Of Most Valued and Tradeable Players

Edmonton Oilers superstar center tops a lot of NHL lists. But, one scribe has him atop a list that Oilers fans don’t want to see him on.

Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers

It’s nothing new for Connor McDavid to top the list in any given NHL category. Whether it’s most talented player, biggest NHL superstar, fastest skater or any other major category he may lead the way in, McDavid is among the best. That said, one area Oilers fans might not be too keen to see his name pop up at the top of is the most valuable players that could be traded list. Yet, after an interesting exercise by a scribe over at The Athletic, that’s exactly where he is.

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Jonas Siegel of The Athletic examined the NHL’s 50-most valued and tradeable contracts. While this wasn’t a list put together to suggest a trade is forthcoming, it was more a fun exercise meant to look at who could fetch the greatest return if traded. He basically asks, “Imagine for a second that every player in the NHL was available for trade: Who would have the most value?”

Siegel started the article by excluding a number of players based on age, contracts and entry-level status. That left names like Alex Ovechkin, Carey Price, Steven Stamkos and Oliver Ekman-Larsson off the list. Also not making the cut, but getting honorable mention were players like Patrik Laine, Johnny Gaudreau, and Brendan Gallagher.

That said, there were 50 players that did make the list, and right at the top was McDavid’s name.

Why Is McDavid The Most Valued Trade Asset?

Siegel’s reasoning went beyond just talking about how many more points McDavid has than anyone else in the last few seasons. It went beyond his speed and skating abilities. What it factored in was the fact that McDavid hasn’t even hit his prime yet and noted that despite him being among the top of the NHL in terms of well-paid players, that he’s worth a whole lot more.

Suggesting there’s “no more sure thing in hockey for the next decade than McDavid.”, Siegel wonders just how good he’ll be when he really unlocks all that he can do. And, as exciting as McDavid is, the belief is that he’s not scratched the surface of what he could accomplish.

Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers
Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers

Who Else Ranked High?

Rounding out the Top Five was Nathan McKinnon (2), Auston Matthews (3), David Pastrnak (4), Leon Draisaitl (5).

6. Brayden Point
7. Nikita Kucherov
8. Miro Heiskanen
9. Cale Makar
10. Elias Pettersson

Obviously, the list will be debated and you could move pieces around to fit based on a number of criteria. At the same time, it’s hard to argue that McDavid shouldn’t be No. 1 on this list.

While it’s not something fans in Edmonton should worry about, it might send a bit of a shiver down the collective spines of Oilers Nation. Considering the Edmonton Oilers are a team that traded Wayne Gretzky, fans in other markets may look at this list and tease, saying, if the value is there in return, the Oilers might be foolish enough to make the deal.

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