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NHL Stars Send Love to Patrice Bergeron Upon Retirement News

NHL stars like Sidney Crosby and Brad Marchand are reaching out and sending messages of appreciation to retired star Patrice Bergeron.

With news that Patrice Bergeron is retiring from the game of hockey and the NHL, stars, and teammates are reaching out to send messages of thanks and appreciation for years of professional competition and thanking Bergeron for everything he brought to the game.

In a touching tribute, Pittsburgh Penguins’ iconic player Sidney Crosby expressed his admiration and gratitude for Bergeron following the news. Crosby, a veteran NHL superstar, thanked “Bergy” for the years of healthy competition and the honor of being his teammate.

Crosby praised Bergeron’s achievements and highlighted the outstanding person he is both on and off the ice. The two players have a history of being teammates in international tournaments, such as the 2010 and 2014 competitions. Crosby emphasized Bergeron’s role as a role model for all players, proving that the quiet and humble demeanor often signifies the best of the best in the NHL.

Reflecting upon their respective careers, one Twitter user even imagined the thought of Crosby and Bergeron joining forces on one NHL team, envisioning a powerhouse combination of Crosby’s dominant two-way play and Bergeron’s defensive prowess. The memories of their lethal partnership on the 2016 World Cup line with Marchand added to the appreciation of their exceptional talents.

Meanwhile, former teammate Brad Marchand also shared his thoughts on the Bergeron news. He noted, “I can say from the bottom of my heart, I would not be the player of person I am today if I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet [him] and play with [him]. Marchand talked about how their journey started as teammates but turned into an incredible life-long bond. Considering Marchand was a talented troublemaker who calmed down a lot in the last few seasons, you know that Bergeron had a huge impact on Marchand becoming a better professional.

As the hockey community bids farewell to a true legend like Bergeron, it’s heartwarming to witness the mutual respect and admiration displayed by fellow superstars like Sidney Crosby and Brad Marchand, both who were clearly affected by the NHL icon.

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