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NHL Players Weigh In on Rule Changes: Creative Ideas Abound

NHL players discuss rule changes: extended power plays, no icing on power plays, and kicking goals.

In a recent ESPN round table article, NHL players were invited to share their thoughts on which rules they would like to change in the game of hockey. The responses ranged from creative to practical, sparking a wave of discussions on social media platforms.

While players like Sidney Crosby wanted the red line put back in, and Clayton Keller of the Arizona Coyotes wanted a more relaxed game-day dress schedule, some players actually came up with thought-provoking ideas that the NHL might want to consider.

Here are three of the rule changes getting the most traction on social media:

Give Teams on the Power Play More of an Advantage

Josh Morrissey, a defenseman for the Winnipeg Jets, suggested a rule change that would keep the power play alive even if the team with the advantage scored. He proposed, “If you score on the power play, the power play doesn’t end, so you get the full two minutes. As a guy that’s on the power play, I wouldn’t mind having it be the full two minutes regardless. So that might be a selfish answer.”

Josh Morrisey Tage Thompson Charlie McCavoy NHL rule changes
Josh Morrisey Tage Thompson Charlie McCavoy NHL rule changes

Morrissey’s idea aims to maximize offensive opportunities during power plays, potentially leading to more exciting gameplay. For teams like the Edmonton Oilers, that would be an interesting rule change, especially considering how deadly they already are.

Give the Teams on a Penalty Kill a Bigger Disadvantage

Charlie McAvoy of the Boston Bruins shared his perspective, referencing an experiment by USA Hockey. He proposed eliminating the ability to ice the puck during a power play, explaining, “I’ve seen USA Hockey actually fool around with this, and it’s that you can’t ice the puck anymore on the power play. If you’re not able to ice the puck, then you’re forcing guys to try and make plays, try and lob it perfectly. I think it would make it really difficult.” McAvoy’s suggestion aims to increase the pressure on penalty-killing teams, potentially resulting in more scoring opportunities.

Could you imagine if teams weren’t allowed to just simply ice the puck on a penalty kill? What happens in the event that they do? Another penalty?

Let Players Kick the Puck In

Tage Thompson, a forward for the Buffalo Sabres, offered an unconventional idea focused on goal-scoring. He advocated for abolishing the rule that disallows goals scored by kicking the puck into the net. Thompson expressed his view, saying, “I’d probably get rid of the no-goal for kicks. I’d love it if you could kick in a puck. I think that should be a goal. If you have the ability to redirect a pass with your skate or kick it in, I think that’s a skill. I think that’s not an easy thing to do.”

He added, “So, I think that should be a goal for sure. You can kick it anywhere on the ice, except for in the net. So I think it should be a goal. Especially the fact that a lot of times the [defense] ties you up in front of the net and the only thing you can use are your feet.”

Thompson’s idea challenges the longstanding rule against using one’s skates to score, arguing that it should be considered a skillful play rather than a violation.

While these rule-change suggestions may not be implemented immediately, they have certainly ignited passionate debates among fans and players alike. The NHL continues to evolve, and innovative ideas like these remind us that the game can always find new ways to entertain and engage its audience.

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